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Brian Johnston

Editor in Chief

   Zombies swarmed through Port Huron in October 2009. This semester, somebody is here to deal with the problem.

   The Zombie Defense Council, founded by SC4 students Cody Tyler Kimball and Victor Uhlman, is the new club on campus. Advised by adjunct instructor Robert Kroll, the club’s goal is to protect SC4 from shambling undead hordes.

   “Vic [Uhlman] was the one who actually pushed me to do this,” said Kimball, who acts as “Prime Minister” of the club. “He wanted a reason to continue going here next year.”

   Adviser Robert Kroll said he became the club’s adviser because, “if we’re going to survive a zombie apocalypse, we’re going to need a place of education. If there’s one place of education I wish to save, it’s SC4.”

   The group has currently been granted “probationary” status as a new club, meaning they will attend all-club meetings along with the Student Government, Drama Club, and the Global Awareness Club.

   According to the club’s charter, it has ties to several SC4 classes, including Intro to Anthropology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Human Resources Management and Hazardous Materials.

   Planned activities include a screening of George Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead,” a “Zombies versus Humans” paintball or airsoft outing, and zombie board game meetings.

   Further down the road, the group is considering making a zombie movie or a zombie Christmas album, as well as charity events.

   Those interested in joining the meeting should email sc4zdc@gmail.com.

   “We all share a common interest in promoting the welfare of humanity,” said Kimball.

   “Which could involve Ghostbusting,” added Kroll.

   Kimball added ghosts, zombies, and the living dead in general are all “sort of friends,” and the group would actively protect SC4’s campus from all non-living threats.

   “As long as they don’t sparkle,” said Kroll.