/Bend it like Beckham

Bend it like Beckham

Aaron Tomlinson

Copy Editor

A new chapter in SC4 sports opens this spring. Women’s soccer has finally arrived in the form of a club formed by SC4 students.

Chelsea Borkovich, freshman of Fort Gratiot, is the creator of the 15-player club.

“SC4 hasn’t had soccer at all, but I could see the interest,” Borkovich said. “I knew plenty of girls that wanted to play the game.”

While soccer has seen many “ups” across the globe, it has seen more “downs” in the States.

In a race for popularity against sports like football, baseball and even NASCAR, soccer looks like it has a ways to go before reaching popularity.

For now the sport has somewhat reached the campus of SC4. So far the club has been limited to just practices at the SC4 gym, but according to Borkovich they hope to start games by April.

“We plan on playing other community colleges that have clubs and teams,” said Borkovich. “Maybe even scrimmages against each other once we get enough members.”

The club officially started this spring. But the concept has been sitting since August when Borkovich approached Dale Vos, the club adviser and Athletic Director of SC4.

“I can see this sport possibly becoming an athletic program at SC4, but for now it is a club,” Vos said. “It is an unbelievably undertaking to get that many people interested and ready for games, so we will see how things go.”

There may be questions about whether or not a women’s soccer club can have the same impact that current athletic programs are having.

Success is what SC4 athletics has experienced in recent times.

The volleyball team winning the MCCAA Eastern Conference; the men’s basketball team winning the MCCAA Eastern Conference tournament and going to the Nationals for the first time in school history; and the women’s basketball team finishing second in the MCCAA Eastern Conference.

Maybe that success will cascade onto the pitch this spring, brightening people’s optimism about the first sport known as football.