/A whirling good time

A whirling good time

“Hot Tub Time Machine” © MGM and United Artists Production Finance LLC
“Hot Tub Time Machine” © MGM and United Artists Production Finance LLC

Garrett Gavin

Staff Writer

   Don’t expect an Oscar nomination, but “Hot Tub Time Machine” is an entertaining movie with quite a few laughs along the way.

   The Movie chronicles the story of four friends who aren’t exactly living the lives they thought they would.

   Adam (John Cusack) has just been dumped; Jacob (Clark Duke) plays Adam’s nephew who thinks the only thing to life is playing video games in his basement; Craig (Craig Robinson) has a wife who cheats on him; Lou (Rob Cordry) is a party animal who just can’t find the party anymore.

   Concerned by Lou’s reckless ways, Adam, Craig and Jacob bring him to a ski resort where they had partied over twenty years before, to help Lou move on.

   Shortly after checking in, the four decide to take their party to the hot tub with some help from the hotel repair man (Chevy Chase). 

   When they wake up from their excessive drinking, the guys don’t really know what happened the night before, but something seems different. Shortly after, they find out what has changed. It’s 1986.

   Once they get over the shock of traveling through time, the guys decide that they want to change some of the things that have happened to them over the years. 

   Adam, Lou, and Craig want to warn themselves so that they can avoid both physical and emotional pain. Jacob, however, was not yet born in 1986 and wants to change as little as possible to ensure he will still be born. 

   Each character provides a comical situation that makes the movie work. This may have been the best comedy of the year so far, provided you can accept the ridiculous plot. 

   If you like the comedy these actors have done in the past, then this would be a use for you.