/A Weekend in the Soo

A Weekend in the Soo

Garrett Gavin

Staff Writer

   As you can imagine, February in the Upper Peninsula can get pretty bitter.

   However, the locals seem to embrace this time of the year as this weather gives them the opportunity to enjoy winter sports such as ice fishing and snowmobile races.

   “We love this time of the year,” said Lake Superior State University sophomore Dane Henderson. “It gives us a chance to get out here on the river and catch a few fish.”

   Most of the fishermen were catching whitefish, with a good amount of success, too.

   “We’ve caught about 80 of them for the winter,” Henderson added, referring to him and his two friends he was with. “That’s a pretty good number. Even though I caught about 60 of them.”

   Another event that was going on was the 42nd annual International 500, one of the largest snowmobile races in the world.

   The event was won by racer Jeff Leunberger for the second consecutive year. This was the first time in the history of the race that an Arctic Cat snowmobile had taken the checkered flag.

   In addition to the race, there was also a freestyle event that the spectators could enjoy. “This is a really great place to bring the family,” said Erin Stevens of Newberry. “There’s something that everybody can enjoy.”

   One of the attendees of the event was Rick Snyder, who recently kicked off his campaign for the Michigan Gubernatorial election later this year.

   Snyder arrived in a customized motor home covered in signatures of thousands of supporters and was more than happy to supply markers to anyone else interested in signing.

   The night life is also something that people may be surprised by, with an array of clubs and bars for people to visit. 

   “It’s not as remote as people might think,” said Julie Barnes, a senior at LSSU. “We have a lot of fun up here.”

   If you are looking for a fun weekend where you can experience something different from your ordinary life, Sault Ste. Marie is a great place to do that. Just bring your boots.