/Race to the Bitter End

Race to the Bitter End

Chilly Fest and the Silver Stick finals are responsible for pulsing life into Downtown Port Huron, Friday and Saturday, Jan. 22 and 23. Chilly Fest participants raced to an early bitter end Saturday evening as rain called off the ice drag races on Sunday.
Children giggled while bouncing on inflatables inside Kid Zone, bundled up in multiple layers. Families roamed from vendor to vendor consuming various types of chili, hot and cold beverages.
Music filled the air accompanied by the rumble of finely tuned engines, ready to hit the ice. Each day offered an assortment of live music from local bands that played for fans and onlookers.
Others cheered and looked out over the ice where snowmobiles tore down the strip. Exhaust fumes engulfed the crisp air, as horse drawn carriages trotted along their routes. Families also took time to watch dogs run their sleds along in demonstrations.
Stepping away from Desmond Landing, women found their peace at the Pampering Place provided by Bridges Wesleyan Church enjoying services such as massages and manicures. Pastor Scott Bin said, “This is for the ladies looking to escape the testosterone laden stuff.”
Pastor Scott and his wife with the help of Lee Ann Peart, Director of Downtown Development, had scheduled appointments because of the response to this offering.
Huron Ave. buzzed with shopping, restaurant hopping and ice sculpture viewing. John Henry, Professor at St. Clair County Community College, amused children with his team of ice sculptors who remained eager at work in front of McMorran Place. Each day offered an assortment of local bands that played for fans and onlookers.
Those that felt the chill while meandering through town warmed themselves with complimentary coffee and cocoa at Power’s Diner.
The main focal point of the weekend being Lee Ann Peart referred to as “the big dogs race,” was rained out to participants and racer’s dislike, an early end to an otherwise successful weekend.
Peart, after meeting with officials, announced that the final ice drag races will take place Feb. 6 and 7. Those anxiously awaiting the final race to the final, bitter end can look forward to another chilly weekend experience in Downtown Port Huron.