/Love Before Death; The First Valentine

Love Before Death; The First Valentine

Don’t forget your chocolates, flowers, and cards this year. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so if you don’t have dinner plans, you better make them soon.
Hugs and kisses are sure to be passed around this Valentine’s Day, as we approach the most romantic holiday of the year. As love is amongst us, some ponder where did the tradition start?
According to American Greetings and history.com, the very first Valentine was created c. 270 A.D. This was a time in Rome when marriage was not allowed amongst young men, as the men were intended for a life in the Roman Army.
The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius Claudius, believed that married men were weak soldiers but many thought otherwise. St.Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest, had secretly been marrying young couples since the rules of the new Emperor were made. When the Emperor discovered the priest’s sinful secrets, he sentenced St.Valentine to death.
Although many priests do not engage in relationships, St.Valentine was somewhat secretive about his relationships, until his final days. On the eve of his death, St.Valentine wrote a sweet letter to his dear love and signed it “Love, Your Valentine.”
It was this ending that inspired the hearts of many others to begin the tradition of Valentine’s Day. It is a day to show the one you love just how much you love them. Since this tragic story, Valentine’s cards, chocolates and flowers have been sent to recognize love. On February 14 the entire world will celebrate this holiday, and love will be shared all around the world as it is year after year.