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L.A. Candy

If you are looking to escape reality, look no further than “L.A. Candy,” written by Lauren Conrad. I know what you are thinking. Lauren Conrad can write? Well, the girl can write.
If unsure about whom Conrad is: star on the reality TV show “The Hills” on MTV. She first got her start on the MTV reality TV show “Laguna Beach.”
The book is about four girls who star in a new reality TV show called “L.A. Candy on PopTV.” This changes all their lives. The girls go from being unknown, to can’t walk down the street without being recognized.
As the drama unfolds, so do their lives. Conrad does use places like “Les Deux” and “Cabo Cantina” in her book that are found in L.A.
First there is Jane. She is a relatable, petite blonde from Santa Barbara. She moved to Los Angeles with her best friend Scarlett. Scarlett is tall and slender with exotic looks, who puts up a front to new people. Then there is Madison your typical heiress. Thin, fake and trashy. And let’s not forget Gaby, the ditzy one of the group.
Each chapter follows like an episode of “The Hills.” This book is season one. It starts with Jane and Scarlett moving to L.A., then being discovered and then becoming famous.
I liked the book. I thought that it was clear and flowed really well. Conrad did a good job of switching back and forth from each character’s perception. She also did a great job on the details. She really painted a clear picture for the reader.
A clever thing that Conrad did was make each chapter title a line from the chapter. Although the book is a little bit predictable, it is a fast and fun read. The book makes the reader wonder how much of the book is based on Conrad’s experience. One thing is for sure the book will leave you wanting more.
Conrad’s next book “Sweet Little Lies, An L.A. Candy Novel” is out on Tuesday, February 2.