/History of Valentine’s Day

History of Valentine’s Day

The holiday season is over but so called “hallmark holidays” litter the calendar year, so where does the “season” end or begin?
Valentine’s Day, February 14, has long been a day for couples to share an intimate evening with gifts and a romantic dinner. But many people have little knowledge of where the love fest started.
The heart of this story takes many paths. The rose colored path talks of how cupid would shoot gold tipped arrows to make people fall in love with one another, or lead tipped to make a person hate the one who wanted to be with them.
Cupid, not always the baby with wings, was at one time a “sex symbol” whose name was Eros which is the Greek word for “erotic.” The blindfold that you see him wearing is to symbolize that love is blind.
In 1929, Valentine’s Day was blasted with bullets & blood when seven mobsters working for bootlegger George “Bugs” Moran rival to Al “Scarface” Capone were found executed in a garage on the North side of Chicago. A witness said they saw two uniformed cops exit the building escorting two men with their hands up.
There was no record of this with local police until they arrived on location. Scarface was the only suspect seeing how he wanted to do away with Bugs and get rid of the competition starting from the bottom up. What witnesses saw might have been right or maybe four murderers cleverly executing their devious plan.
Capone’s’ only clue to the possibility of this happening prior is what he said in response to an associate saying he’d have to do away with people to get to the top, to which he said “I’ll send flowers.”
The commercialization of Valentine’s Day has made it a cash cow for the retailers and brings almost $14 billion in revenue brought by 180 million roses and 35 million heart-shaped boxes. Keeping it simple with personal gestures such as doing the dishes or little love notes are sometimes better than anything money can buy.