/The Diary of Joe Louis Arena

The Diary of Joe Louis Arena

The “Diary of Jane” opened one more time as Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Flyleaf rocked the Joe Louis Arena stage Saturday, Jan. 16.
Flyleaf, a Christian rock band out of Texas, opened for co-headliners Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. Lead singer Lacey made the stage her own with her soaring vocals on songs such as “Again,” and her epic screams in “I’m So Sick.” The band proved they could handle an arena stage, and play in front of fans that continuously scream for the next band.
Hard rockers Breaking Benjamin were second on stage. Opening up with their latest single “I Will Not Bow,” the first words of the song spawned one crazy crowd: “Fall.” Performing older singles such as “So Cold,” and “Polyamorous,” Breaking Benjamin treated the audience to newer songs such as “Into the Nothing” and “Hopeless” from their 2009 release, “Dear Agony.”
To top off the set, they covered “Dream On,” by Aerosmith, which started out acoustic, then turning into a full on pyro-fest. Closing with their hit “The Diary of Jane,” fans were left starving for more, and wanted to open the diary of Breaking Benjamin one more time.
Last but not least, Three Days Grace performed soon after Breaking Benjamin also opening with a newer song, “Break.” The lights and sounds of sirens made you feel like you were in an ambulance. Singing everything from “I Hate Everything about You” to “Never too Late,” Three Days Grace kicked butt on the Joe Louis Stage. From the drummer’s replica of a Tommy Lee drum solo, to amazing vocals by Adam Gontier, even of a cover of Apocalyptica’s “I Don’t Care,” the band solidified their spot into one of the best live acts in 2010 so far.