/Skippers Sink Raiders

Skippers Sink Raiders

“There were a lot of bodies flying in different directions,” said men’s basketball coach Dale Vos. Bodies tossed, scrambled, and sliced in a conference clash with Oakland Community College with the Skippers reigning victorious 80-73.
In the first half, the action was hot enough to peel the new paint off the gym walls. Both teams were back to back in the first half with scoring drives and plenty of rebounding.
Sophomore Devin Kling of Memphis, dropped three three-pointers in the first half. The scoring leader of the half was sophomore Kieon Arkwright from Flint with 13 points.
“This definitely is a game we needed to win and Oakland was a good team,” said Arkwright.
However, the Raiders were fighting right alongside the Skipper gents. Both teams battled head-to-head till the half time buzzer with the score 41-39 Skippers.
The second half shaped up to be more of the same. However, the Skippers came prepared after halftime. The team took advantage of their rebounding chances against Oakland. Sophomore Jake Stark from Richmond finished the game with a team-high seven rebounds.
What may have decided it all were two late three-pointers from Eric Mack, Jr. “Coach told us at half time we needed to box out more,” said Mack. And box out they did, earning 13 second-half rebounds that lifted the Skippers past Oakland.
This game gave the Raiders their first Michigan Community College Athletic Association loss of the season.
“The main focus of this game was defense and rebounds,” Coach Vos said. “The team probably got sick of hearing it, but I kept pressing the fact that we needed to just play our game close with these guys.”
The Skippers tacked on another victory making them 14-3 overall and 4-1 in the conference. Their next game is Thursday at number fourteen ranked Mott Community College.