/Celebrations for the King

Celebrations for the King

The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. started with a dream, and turned into a legacy. SC4 celebrated this legacy Monday night with a night of festivities at the SC4 theatre.
There were multiple acts of singing and dancing present, and even a mock Michelle Obama appearance. It was a night in which a group of people showed that it is possible for all races to be equal, and celebrate with each other.
“If there was anything that the King had taught us, it was to love all people, because we are all equal,” Rev. Bill McGill stated Monday. Rev. McGill is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and he has attended this celebration for the last four years, this year he read the famous “I Have a Dream…” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. himself. “I have been coming to SC4 for a few years now, and it is always a pleasure to come here for the celebration of the King,” McGill said.
Rev. McGill was not the only person who admired the work of the king. Jerilyn Brown, President of the Port Huron branch of the NAACP, also wanted to honor MLK Jr. for his hard work. “It has been 16 years since we started to celebrate the King’s day of service, and in those 16 years we’ve come a long way but we still have a long way to go,” she said referring to the racial problems the United States still tries to overcome today.
As people spoke of races joining together, the crowd was filled with different races joining together in celebration.
“The King would be proud of where we are today, because only love can bring us together,” Geri Kimbro (Cultural Opportunities Subcommittee, Co-Chair SC4 Diversity Advisory Council) said while opening the ceremony.
The crowd participated in the festivities, and the entire theatre was exploding with joy, love, and remembrance. It had felt as if MLK Jr. himself was there as races pulled together to celebrate one of the most important people of the 20th century.