McMorran Pavilion will go to SC4

“Leadership fails when the people believe their leaders are either incompetent or don’t care,” stated Ted Walters, 43 of Marysville, after the City Council of Port Huron voted in favor of SC4’s offer of the purchase of the McMorran Pavilion.
Many people, like Walters, were upset by the 5-2 decision by the city council in favor of SC4 during the meeting on Monday, Nov. 9. One of those people was David Fye, volunteer at the McMorran Pavilion from Port Huron Township, who was threatened to be escorted out of the meeting by Representative Ashford when he interrupted the discussion by the council.
Fye, who left of his own accord, had to say, “I’ve played at the McMorran since I was ten. My father and grandfather played there and my kids play there now. To sell something like that for just one dollar is just ridiculous.” When reminded of SC4’s other stipulation of a land trade with the city, Fye also said, “What’s more important, jobs or waterfront?”

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