Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cap is back

BAM! POW! “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” swings open the gate to summer movies. Reeling in a $96 million opening weekend at the box office. it is one of the strongest Marvel movies to date.
And here’s why:

Commencement speaker Avrie Dunsmore, Photo credit: Avrie Dunsmore

Meet the amazing Avrie Dunsmore

Commencement for SC4 brings out the best in all graduates and honors the work that they’ve done.
Selected to be the key note speaker for this year’s commencement ceremony, Avrie A. Dunsmore, 23, hopes to bring that to light. Read more about the key note speaker….

SC4 Fine Arts Building practice room before renovations. Photo credit: Gregory Garofalo

Summer construction to begin May 10

For a while, the sound of music will not be heard coming from the Fine Arts Building. Instead, the sounds of construction will.
Beginning Saturday, May 10 the Fine Arts Building will be closed until August 15 for the construction to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) and other various projects to the building. Read on…

Pet of the Issue -RustyCat. Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin

Pet of the issue

Looking for a new furry friend to add to your home? Then look no further than this blonde feline, Rusty.
Rusty is about 8 months old. When he arrived at the humane society his name was Blondie, but volunteers changed his name to the more masculine Rusty.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

What we’re listening to

“Phoenix is probably the most upbeat music I listen to. Their music bears semblance to good scotch: makes you feels classy, has a smooth finish, and carries enough of a bite to transcend the typical “pop rock” genre.” Read on…

O. D.‘s Rant

Reality bites. The truth is hard to take. Yet we must admit that racism will probably be with humans until we can turn off the DNA strand that governs flight or fight which in either case generates fear. Fear leads to judgment; judgment easily can descend to bigotry. Read on…

Taco Bell’s new Breakfast Crunch Wrap. Photo credit: Liz Whittemore

Taco Bell’s “breakfast”

Abandon hope all ye who enter…. Several staff members sacrificed their Tuesday morning, and mustered up the bravery to try the “illustrious” Taco Bell breakfast, which has set social networking sites abuzz in the past weeks. Read on, if you dare…

Is religion becoming obsolete?

You don’t have to be religious to see the signs: association with religious institutions is declining at a rapid rate in the United States. Religiously unaffiliated Americans are on a huge rise, surging from 8 percent in 2003 to over 19.8 percent based on a Pew poll from Oct., 2012. Read on…

Atomic Robo comic

Yelling about comics: Atomic Robo

Not all comic books are based around super-powered white dudes in capes and tights. While that is a larger piece of the pie chart than it should be, it’s not the only slice.
“Atomic Robo” is a comic that embraces the fun and pulpy side of comics that it seems the superhero comics are just remembering its ok to have. Read on…